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When the first Dutch German settlers came to the area in the early 1900s, they cleared the land and began farming. Some made wine and cider to enjoy on special occasions. (That’s where it became a part of my DNA!) I grew up on the family farm raising beef, pork, and chickens , corn, soybeans, and tobacco.

After high school, I ventured into the world by joining the FBI and moving to Washington DC. Once there, I was introduced to formula car racing, skydiving, and white water rafting. I enjoyed every minute of it. I transferred to San Diego, CA and got further into car racing.

After a few years, I realized as a country boy, I wasn’t cut out for big city life and returned home, I finished college at Brescia, majoring in business administration and political science. Fast forward, after about 30 years in the furniture business, I began wine-making as a hobby . Then I learned on KET that Kentucky was promoting its wine industry.  That was when my DNA surfaced and a winery was born in 2010. Having been a master gardener since 1987, I decided to grow my own fruit. (I learned you’ll never master the garden!) Lol!

I also learned that each batch of wine is different depending on the quality and growing condition of the fruit. The wine is made on the vine. The PH acid and Brix (°Bx) will tell you what it needs to be made into.

At Misty Meadow Winery® , we make all of our wines by hand. It is very time consuming, but it guarantees a better product. Not only are our wines delicious, you get the benefit of the nutrients from fresh fruit and grapes.

Misty Meadow Winery® uses a natural aging process that is in constant rotation. Our wines are racked and adjusted at various intervals.  We take readings on our wines about every 30 days to ensure the wine is healthy and progressing properly.

Our wines are temperature controlled from start to finish at 58-60°.  After purchasing, it is best for you to store the wine in a temperature controlled area as well. It will last longer and taste even better.

For us, there is nothing like hand crafted wine. We always choose quality over a quick turnover time.  Just take a sip or our wine and you’ll agree!

We use modern wine-making techniques and old world recipes to handcraft award winning wines! We grow strawberries, blackberries, elderberries, peaches, pears, and norton, chambourcin, an chardonel grapes. We also buy from other local growers. We are a working farm – not your typical wine experience.

We are Kentucky proud.